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Last updated: 2008, February 25

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How to make a video game
How to make a video game
Game Making Resources and Links
Books on video game making
What's New On this Website
Online degrees in game design from real colleges
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Product reviews
How to make money playing video games - the real way
About Dark Basic
The free how to make a video game ebook
The Game Makers Store
The Video Game Store
about this website
How to Make a video game - The Ultimate Site
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Writing for video games
The Beowulf Video Game
How to Make a video game - The Ultimate Site
How to Make a video game - The Ultimate Site
A Large castle floor plan
Learn How to Make A Video Game sitemap
3dgamestudio/ 1 pages
The 3d Game Studio by Conitec
3dsmax/ 2 pages
3ds MAX
3ds Max Resources
FPSCreator/ 7 pages
An Introduction to FPS Creator for video game making
Getting and starting FPS Creator
Using FPS Creator - Familiarization
Fps Creator Lesson 3
FPS Creator Lesson 4: Creating Rooms
Adding entities to your video game using FPS Creator
Fps creator lesson 6- starting the game you made
XNA/ 1 pages
An introduction to Microsoft XNA
books/ 8 pages
Game Making Books for Beginners
Books on the art and graphics of video game making
Books on specific software in the game making world
Books to help you find a career in video games
Programming Books
3ds Max Books and software
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Programming Books for specific Games
business/ 5 pages
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How to Make a video game - The Ultimate Site
about this website
ebook/ 1 pages
game-school/ 11 pages
Lesson 1 Continued- The types of video games
The free online video game making school
Making video games with the Games Factory 2 software
Lesson 1 Continued - Objects in video games
Video Game School Lesson1 What is video game making
About textures in video games
Some basic information about software for game making
Making 3d video games introduction
Making and adding your own art, textures and models for video games
Makng art for your game - Models
Module 2a Deciding on which software to start with
gamesfactory2/ 1 pages
Games Factory 2
genesis3d/ 5 pages
The Genesis 3d Game Making Tutorial
Dowload and install the genesis 3d software
Open and run the Genesis 3d Game Engine
The Genesis 3d Game Making Tutorial
Modifying your first room in the game
make-video-games-articles/ 19 pages
Articles on how to make video games
Video Game Design Colleges
How to write a guide for a video game
An overview of 3d modeling for video games
How to make a video game in one hour
What software should you use to make a video game?
Draw castle floor plans for your video games
Keep a Game Makers Notebook
How to write a script for a video game
Seven Creative Tips for video game makers
How to Design Your video games on paper
Designing video games with the eyes of an artist
Encouraging teens to make video games, the benefits are astounding
How to start your career in video game making
Introductory Information on Game Programming
Looking for a career in making video games?
Use Military tactics to improve your warcraft game
Improving your warcraft pvp skills
Five keys to the Kingdom: How to conquer any online video game
milkshape/ 33 pages
milkshape tutorial on modeling lesson 1
Milikshape animation
Milkshape: Index of Lessons
Milkshape models - joints and skeletons
Untitled Document
The wireframe and skin of a game model
Download the Milkshape software
getting familiar with the workspace of milkshape 3d
Milkshape Tutorial 2C
Milkshape Tutorial Lesson 2D
Milkshape Tutorial 2e: Shaping our object
Milkshape Tutorial 2f: Ignoring and handling unseen surfaces
Milkshape tutorial 2G: Ignoring Backfaces
Milkshape tutorial 2h - selecting and sizing then returning to original size
Milkshape tutorial 2i - Reciprocal
Milkshape tutorial lesson 2j - Moving Objects
Milkshape Tutorial 3a Manipulating your model
Milkshape tutorial 3b - mirroring your sword blade
Milkshape 3d Tutorial 3c -Grouping
Milkshape lesson 3d Extrusion
completing the sword model by adding hilt and handle
Milkshape Tutorial on Modeling Lesson 4a
Untitled Document
Milkshape tutorial 4c - Assigning Materials
Lesson 4d - Creating and applying textures to the model
Milkshape lesson 4e - Mapping the Sword
wrapping the image to your model
Exporting your model into reality factory
The Animation we will make
Making 3d Animations with Milkshape 3d Introduction
Joints, children and parents in animation
About the animation slider tool
Doing your first video game model animation
reality-factory/ 17 pages
Introduction To Reality Factory game making software
Table of contents for the reality factory tutorials
Get and Install the Reality Factory Software
Run The Reality Factory Software
Your first game room with reality factory
Making and running your first game room
Lesson 5: Walking around in your first room
Lesson 6: Apply textures to your game room
Lesson 7: Lighting in your game
Lesson 8: Adding Simple Objects
Lesson 9: Scoping down and texturing surfaces
Lesson 10: Adding a second room
Lesson 11: Leaks in your game
Lesson 12: Cutting your first doorway
Lesson 13: Adding a Pool of water part 1
Lesson 14: Adding a pool of water part 2
Lesson 15: Completing the pool of water
software/ 9 pages
Paint Shop Pro tutorial 1
Adobe Photoshop
Paint Shop Pro Tutorial Part 2
Paint Shop Pro Tutorial Part 3
How to Make a video game - The Ultimate Site
How to Make a video game - The Ultimate Site
How to Make a video game - The Ultimate Site
Paint Shop Pro Tips
tutorials/ 1 pages
Software tutorials on how to make video games