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The Reality Factory is a great sofware package for making video games. It is a wrap over application that is based on the Genesis 3d game engine. But it is, in my opinion, better than the genesis3d software because it adds more functions and is easier to use. It is also more stable and with a larger base of users.

How does Reality Factory Work?

When you are using the reality factory software what you have is a workspace that is WYSIWIG (What You See Is What You Get). The software is a workspace that shows the game you are working on pretty much as you would see the game as you play it. But there are some extras like four different views of the game.

This is an image of the workspace. The light blue square is your game! Actually it is a single empty room that you will turn into your game. From this workspace you can easily change the room, add things to it, resize it and lots more. It is quite easy to use and you can make complete games without any programming at all.

Of course if you want to get real good at game making you are going to want to learn how to do some programming and you can do this with Reality Factory too.

For now lets download and install the software


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