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There are quite a few programs out there for making 3d games. In this article I will give you some insights into the different ones and point out the highlights. They come in a wide variety of price ranges and capabilities. Some do all the work for you like FPS creator and are pretty much a drag and drop program although you can do scripting. Others are more programming oriented like Dark Basic. And you can even get a professional program from Adobe that is very well suited for making web based games (Director 11.5)




  • FPS Creator - This is a nice entry level game making software app. If you are new to game making this is a nice place to start. With it you can create 3d Dungeon Crawler style games. Another nice thing about it is that it is also available on ENTERACTIVE FPS Creator ( Windows )
  • Conitec 3D GameStudio - A pretty sharp game development software suite that will allow you to make professional games without breaking the bank. Check out their website here: Conitec 3D GameStudio
  • Torque Game Engines -----------Torque Website This is a series of game development engines by - This is some seriously good stuff. If you are really wanting to make great games and dig into the world of professional game making this is a great place to go. They have products like the 3D Game Engine and the 2D Game Engine. And there are versions that you can purchase such as Basic, Studio and Professional. This is professional stuff and you pay for a license and per developer that you have on your team.
  • DarkBasic - More into the programming aspects of 3d game design but well worth looking into. This is made by the same company that does FPS Creator but this program gives you quite a bit more control over your game design. DarkBASIC 3D Games Creator
  • Adobe Director 11.5 - this is an interesting way to create and develop 3d games that are perfect fro the web. Here is a video on the adobe site showing some about it: 3d Director for making video games and Director is available on : Adobe Director 11.5 What they say about it:
  • Adobe Director 11.5 and Adobe Shockwave® Player software help you take your games to a whole new level. Director 11.5 features DirectX 9 support for native 3D rendering as well as H.264 video integration, 5.1 channel surround sound, and integration with Google SketchUp for access to many ready-made 3D models. The included NVIDIA® PhysXT engine adds advanced dynamic motion and realistic interaction to your games, and with support for Adobe Flash® Professional software - including video created with Flash - Director helps you create more engaging experiences. Easy cross-platform publishing lets you deliver your games for Windows® or Mac desktops, where the majority of users are ready to play your game online with free Shockwave Player.
  • Microsoft XNA - This is a game development software studio that you can use to develop games for the XBox or for PC and I believe it also have the ability to create games for phones. It is free but you do have to have some supporting software to go with it. I have more about this here: about XNA


Free Programs for making 3D Games

  • The Platinum Arts Sandbox - This is quite a nice Open Source 3d Game Maker - Platinum Arts Sandbox Free 3D Game Maker is an open source game design program for kids and adults.  The focus is to make the process of creating games and worlds easy enough for kids but powerful enough to create full game projects.  Sandbox is already being used in many schools and colleges throughout the world and included in game design contests. 
  • The Reality Factory - Been around a while and is open source. - the freely available toolkit that truly lets you create complete games without knowing any programming. Reality Factory provides a complete toolkit for creating 3D action, adventure, role-playing, machinima and many other types of games straight out of the box.
  • GameMaker 7 - Free download of this Game Making Software by


Microsoft XNA Game Studio Creator's Guide, Second Edition

Develop complete 2D and 3D games with step-by-step hands-on instruction, advice, and tips from two industry professionals. Fully revised to cover the latest features, Microsoft XNA Game Studio Creator's Guide, Second Edition lays out the essentials of game programming alongside exciting examples and C# code samples. Learn how to create 3D models, virtual worlds, and add stunning animation. You'll also discover how to incorporate 3D audio into your projects and handle PC and game controller input devices.

  • Create, draw, and update XNA game windows and 3D objects
  • Add dazzling animation and fluid character motion
  • Render photorealistic terrains, landscapes, skies, and horizons
  • Program custom lighting and shading effects using HLSL
  • Integrate sound effects, game dashboards, and stat tracking
  • Work with game cameras, keyframes, sprites, and loaders
  • Design natural collision detection, ballistics, and particle effects
  • Develop, import, and control Quake II models using MilkShape


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