Milkshape Tutorial - Lesson 2f: Ignoring and handling unseen surfaces

Index to the 30 lessons in this Milkshape tutorial  Okay, you have a pretty good understanding of how to create a simple object and how to move around and look at it from different view points. Let's actually start to manipulate this object and shape it into what we want.

Ignoring The unseen surfaces

Now, I said that this is only one side of our model because we want it to be perfectly symmetrical. And what this means is that one whole side will not be seen. This is the side that will be welded to the other half. Think of this as an apple cut in half. When we weld the two halves of the apple together (to create a whole apple) you won't see the insides, only the outside.

We can tell Milkshape to ignore these inner sides and this is a great benefit because it will make the model easier to build, a smaller megabyte size, and much faster when it runs in a game. No sense in drawing and texturing surfaces we are not going to see.

show viewport captionPull down the Menu item "Window" and check the "Show Viewport Caption" item.




Let's Continue with the tutorial


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