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If you are interested in making or designing video games but don't have any experience you might want to consider starting out in the mobile game industry. What I mean is making games for portable devices like cell phones. This can be a terrific way to start out because making a mobile phone game is a lot less complicated that making a full blown game for the computer or the Xbox. And who knows, make an exciting game and it could catch on. You could make a lot of money from it.

This isn't a full blown tutorial on how to do this step by step. It is just an overview to give you an idea of what is entailed and what you will have to do. But it is all sound and you can follow through the steps and make your way into the world of making Mobile Phone Games.

If you have done some programming and know your way around development a lot of this is going to be a snap for you. The biggest challenge will be in creating the idea for your game! I recommend you write out a variety of different games on paper first. Maybe something will click.

If you are new to development and programming you have some obstacles to overcome. I will give you an overview that should be of help. If you really think it would be cool to make games for mobile phones and you really want to do it then continue on! If you get really frustrated put it all aside for a few hours and come back to it.

What you will need and do

First off you are going to need something called an IDE or Integrated Development Environment. Yikes! That is a piece of software you run on your computer and you can get one called Eclipse. And Eclipse is very compatible with Android stuff. Here is the Eclipse website

Once you have your IDE you are going to need the Android SDK to run within it.

Get the SDK or (Software Development Kit)

Before you do any programming you have to decide which phone platform you are going to start out with. Each platform has different requirements. You are not going to be able to make a game that can play on all phones or platforms. That is just the way it is.

And you might want to consider starting out with the Android. It is all open source and there is a lot of stuff out there that you can get easily and freely.

Here is the main page for Android Development:

If you want to go directly to the download for the SDK

There are some steps to installing the Android SDK. Here This includes installing something called the ADT Plugin.

Get started with your first tutorial on making a Hello World in SDK Here is a tutorial



  1. Get yourself an IDE or Integrated Development Environment to do the programming on your computer.
  2. Assuming we will start with Android you get the Android Software Development Kit and Install it. Installation will include a few things like The ADT plugin. This software will run within your IDE.
  3. Start your learning of how to use the SDK by taking some tutorials like the hello world tutorial.
  4. You will be able to emulate the phone right within this software.
  5. Think up a game on paper first. Do some sketches and write out the idea of how it will work.
  6. Program it! Debug it.
  7. Sign up as an Android developer so you can apply to have your games go up for sale! YAY!



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