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This article takes a look at the various online resources for making video games. I show you the advantages and disadvantages of many of the major online video game making programs and websites. If you are looking to make a video game online this article will help. The focus here is on game creation websites that you can use without having to download any software or manuals. Typically these games are pretty simple and easy to understand. For the most part they are drag and drop where you design a game by dragging and dropping various items into the game world. I haven't arranged these in any particular order. You should look through them to see which ones are right for you. -

Overview: Make 2d arcade style games like donkey kong or Space Invaders.

Sploder screen shotEverything is web based and fast. You get a play screen and a menu of items that you simply drag and drop right into your play screen. You can add special items, health, weapons, bridges, blocks, walls, enemies etc. Easy and fun.

This is a game making website aimed at younger game makers and game players. You can create 2d games of two different types: Platfrom style games or Shooter style games. This is a fun program and it is all drag and drop. You are given a blank screen and a character and a set of menu items to choose from. You simply drag and drop the various items onto the game screen. In about five minutes you can make a fun little game and play it. And actually it doesn't have to be a small game. It can be pretty large and complex. This is a nice website and because it is all drag and drop it is pretty easy to use and pretty easy to understand. Terrific for younger game makers.

About Registration: You need to register if you want to save or share your games but no need for registration if you want to simply make and play some games, or play other peoples games.

Plus and Minus: They have a lot of games already loaded, it is very fun to use this website and you don't need to register. -

Overview : Make 2d games - draw your own graphics items and characters

There is a bit of work involved with making a game on this website. You have to work with sprites and layers. This is not for younger game makers. But you can draw your own game players, parts and environments which gives you absolute control over how your game will look.

Plus and minus: You currently need Firefox to run the level editor. And they have a system where you can sell your games to other people. Interesting set up where you earn coins which can be turned in for real money.

Challengeyou.comOverview: Make multiplayer 3d online games. This programs uses Shockwave so you have to have the latest version of shockwave installed.

You can quickly make an interesting game with this program. You get an editor screen and a 3d view screen and you can drag and drop items onto it-placing them where you want. Things like Start, Finish, door, key, platforms and ramps. YOu can also place a shield and a slingshot. Fun little game maker and easy to use.

Plus and Minus: Not a whole lot of things to place into the game but you can quickly build walls in any shape you want. All ages


Pictogame screenshot - Interesting game making website where you can upload a picture of yourself and the play a game. The focus here isn't on making video games its more on getting your face in a video game. Kind of a fun concept. you can play the game I made with my face in it. - This site has the same concept as - You upload a picture of yourself then pick a game to play. is very similar to and - You upload a picture of yourself and then choose what kind of game you want to be in.


This is the game I made with Pictogame. Have fun playing it! That's me!! - Fun website where you can easily make some little games in a wide variety of genres (2d) There are limited objects to place in the game but fun nevertheless. The game below is a dungeon castle game.

 - Simple but fun video game creation website. The graphics are rich and nice. You can create simple games based on any number of themes or what they call kits like the Throw Stuff Kit, the Magnet Kit the elevator kit or the defender kit. You go through a series of selections where you decide on the various objects that will be in the game

 - A game maker program where you choose the type of game you want to make such as a platform game, arcade classic style, fighting, shootem up then. The screen is created and you add the various items to the game like player, enemies, blocks etc. This game making website is kind of fun. The graphics for the game you make are better than most and it has a pretty nice selection. It also has a pretty intuitive tool where you can edit the colors of the pieces or you can upload your own graphics.


 - This one is a bit more in-depth and challenging than the others in this list. You create your game graphics and art one tile at a time. This takes more time to do but you have a lot more creative control. You can make your games look exactly like you want. A good mid level game creation tool.






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