Who do you contact if you want to get a job
in the game industry?


Okay, I am going to give you a list and some contacts but I want to say a few things before you start firing off emails to all these people and companies.

If you are really wanting to work in the game industry, whether it be as a programmer, a tester, a writer, game designer or some other kind of function you should know a few things.

There are lots of educational institutions that offer Bachelors and even Masters degrees in all of these professions from Game Design to Game Development, programming and more. There is a good pool of well qualified and educated people.

Now, there are plenty of jobs in the industry. All I am saying is that you have got to be trained, educated and ready, even for an entry level job!

Ask Yourself Some Questions First

Do you have a degree in game design or something related? Do you have a portfolio of work? Have you worked on projects in gaming and game design? Do you have something you can show a potential employer. You don't necessarily need a degree but you do need something to show them that you can do the work. So if you don't have any work you really shouldn't contact any of these contacts. Not yet anyway. It may leave a bad impression of who you are. Work on your portfolio and get some projects going then you should start contacting them.

There are a few different ways you can crack into the Game Development and Design Industry (the first way is my favorite)

1. Be so good that they can't ignore you. They will beat a path to your door.

So how do you do that? Get some real quality work done and get it posted to a website, blog, forum or other place. Better yet, design a game, or the first level of a game and get out to friends, forums, game websites. If it is good people will notice you.

2. Get a degree or formal training.

We talked about this already but I will reiterate. Enroll in a brick and mortar college or an online university. This will give you a lot of the skills you need. And all the work you do will be put into your portfolio. And... these institutions have a lot of contacts. You can make the connections that can get you into the industry. Game companies watch these programs very carefully looking for talented people.

Either way it means you have got to do the work!

3. Find a recruiter that specializes in the game industry. A recruiter will charge the employer a fee to find you , or sometimes will take a percentage of your pay (although you don't see that percentage, it is negotiated with the employer).


Tip from Will: If a recruiter or game job site asks for money you should avoid them. The legitimate companies won't ask you to pay money for them to find you a job. There are scams out there!

Okay, here is the list


GameRecruiter.com - This is the premiere recruiter in the industry. They have been around a long time and have a great reputation.

Mary-Margaret.com - They have a lot of recruiters and a lot of services including a database where you can list your resume, and a job board you can search through.

GameJobs.com - The leading employment site serving the Interactive Entertainment Industry. You can post a resume, view their job postings and a lot more.

Peer - Professional Electronic Entertainment Recruiters - (PEER) is an interactive entertainment software industry trade association comprised of recruiters committed to better serving the industry.

EA Arts Canada Recruiting - We are looking for Software Engineers, Producers, Artists, Directors, and Quality Assurance experts for video game development. If your skills match please contact us!

Interactive Selection - the first and only global games recruiter - They have a forum, job listings, news and a lot more.

Bethesda Softworks - A big hitter in the industry. Wayne Gretzky Hockey, The Elder Scrolls The Terminator, as well as other games. 

Blizzard Entertainment - Ever heard of Warcraft?

Game Companies

Electronic Arts - Well, this is probably the number one game company in the world.

UbiSoft - another of the big game companies - On the day I posted this article they have a banner right on their front page saying they are hiring.

id software - the creators of the quake series of games

Other sites

GameDev.net - I recommend this as your first and number one resource. This is where they all go. Articles, Tutorials, resources, jobs, forum and all kinds of stuff that will enhance your chances. Make connections and learn a lot on this website.

Gametester.com - The focus here is on game testing. All free stuff. They also have a facebook group


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