Make a Video Game Tutorial : How to Make and Import your own Graphics into your video game

Up until now you have been making your video game by using the pre-packaged textures and models that come with the game. But, this is your video game and you want to make your own graphics and put them in the game.

Before we begin we need to talk a little bit about images in video games and what they are. There are two basic types of graphic resources for video games Textures and Models. To understand the difference between these two resources all you have to do is think about some of the games you have already made. When you created a room you painted it with different types of textures like stone, dirt, or colors. These are textures. When you were done with the room you then placed a DeathMatchStart entity in the game. This was a character that you could play - a model.

The Big Difference between Textures and Models?

Textures don't move and models are animated! Even doors that open are models, so remember this!

There are things we can do within the Genesis game design software for both textures and for models and we will go over these things. But there are things that we will want to do outside of the game software, and we will go over these too. Don't worry about any of this for now. I will take you through the whole process. FOr now here is a breakdown of how we will approach this.

Textures, What they are, how to get them, how to make them and get them in your game.

One of the most important things about making a video game is getting the look right. Up until now we have focused on the design of levels, rooms and things. And this is very important but everything has been pretty generic up until now and we have been using the games premade graphics to get the look of our game. But you want to take it to the next level of game making and focus on the look of the world you are building.

Textures is the way you do this. You can find and make unique textures to give your game its unique look. Let's first take a look at what textures are?

What are Textures?

In the real world you think of textures as having a feel; like rough or smooth or bumpy or whatever. With a video game of course there is no feel. You only see a video game, you don't feel it. Yet there are textures everywhere in video game. And when we say "textures" we me patterns. It is these pattterns that give us the different looks that we want to achieve in our game. Here are some examples of textures:

The first one is stone, the second one is wood, and the third is grass. There are textures for games for everything in the world! And you can either find them or make them yourself. You can even create your own textures that don't exist in the real world. You are only limited by your imagination.

But Textures aren't just textures!

Now that sounds kind of confusing but I don't want you to be limited in your thinking! What I mean is that textures can also be recognizable images not just patterns like wood, grass, rock etc. Here is an example of a created texture:

This is a texture of a high-tech vault door. It is a simple image that you can apply to the surface of a model door your created.

If you make an underground bomb shelter like level you could make many of the doors the same size then simply apply this texture to all of them and they would all have the same look. This would give a nice uniformity to your level. This texture as an image extends into lots of things. You could make textures that are paintings to hang on the wall, windows, and all sorts of things. Just don't be limited in your approach to textures.

Continue with the Tutorial - Let's learn some important things about Textures


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