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Today's Games require a lot of under the hood horsepower. If you want to play the latest games you are going to need a high performance computer. Getting a gaming computer will allow you to play todays games and prepare you for the games to come out over the next couple of years. has a great selection of computers specifically designed for gamers and of course you get the unbeatable prices and guarantees that only a big trusted company like amazon can offer.

Some quick guidelines for buying a gaming computer

My own personal preference leans toward getting a great monitor. For me this is one of the most important aspects of gaming. Some people really focus on getting a good sound system but this is not as important to me, even though all of todays games put a lot of time and effort into creating amazing sound tracks and sound effects for their games.

If you are thinking about getting a particular game you absolutely have to look at the mimimum and recommended specifications to run that game then make sure your new system will handle it. It doesn't make any sense to get a computer to find out it still won't run your game.

In my experience the CPU in the computer takes a back seat. Todays's cpus are very robust and very capable of handling almost anything. With gaming the thing you really want to look for is the video card. How fast it is, how much ram it has and how compatible it is with games.

Some Dont's If you are thinking about buying a gaming computer the one thing I would stay away from is any type of system that has a built in video card. This can be a tricky situation. You should always get a system with an added video card that has at least 256 MB of dedicated video memory. Todays games are very graphic intensive and a lot of the onboard video systems just can't handle them. All of the systems I recommend below have authentic video cards installed.

Here are some great Gaming Computers available at amazon

Gateway FX8040 Desktop Epic Gaming Computer PC

Looking for a top of the line screamer? Click on the picture or the text to learn more about this massively powerful gaming computer.




Microtel SYSAM6004 Gaming Computer with AMD 2.8GHz Athlon 64 x2 Dual-Core 5600+, 1GB DDR2/800, 160GB SATA, DVD-RW, NVIDIA GeForce 8500GT 512MB Video, 600 watt SLI Power Supply, Microsoft XP Home Edition

Looking for something less expensive yet still powerful? This one uses the more economical athlon CPU and still has a GeForce video card with a generous 512 Meg of Video ram.


CybertronPC X-Qpack 2 4000 Gold, AMD Athlon 64X2 4000+ DC , 2GB DDR2, 250GB HDD, 20X DVD±RW, GeForce 512MB 8500GT, 400 Watt Power Supply, MS Windows Vista Business 32-bit, 1 Year Parts & Labor Warranty

Portability is one of the important things about this gaming computer. Like to go over a friends house for a lan party? This cube design makes it easy to take along with minimum fuss.


iBuyPower Gamer 941AE Desktop (Intel Q6600 Quad Core Processor, 3 GB RAM, 500 GB Hard Drive, Dual NVIDIA GeForce 8800GTS 512MB, Vista Premium)

Looking for something with an authentic Intel CPU. This one has got the Quad core processor and still at a reasonable mid level price.


CybertronPC X-Cruiser 0920 Black, Pentium D 920 2.8GHz Dual Core, 1GB DDR2, 160GB HDD, 18X Dual Layer DVD±RW Drive, nVidia GeForce 256MB 7300GT, 400 Watt Power Supply, MS Windows Vista Home Basic, 1 Year Parts & Labor Warranty

Budget minded yet still want performance? This one has an authentic Pentium dual core processor and an nVidia video card with 256 MB. This one will give you great performance at a very reasonable price.


Gaming Computer Accessories

Pyramat PC Gaming Chair 2.1

If I would have known about this gaming chair I might not have gone through all the trouble of building my own custom Warcraft Gaming Chamber. (shown below)




You can see how I built this project on my website at: The Warcraft Game Pod


Logitech ChillStream Gamepad for PC (963435-0403)

If you like the feel and action of the gamepads for your console system and you want the same feel for you PC playing you might want to get a gamepad like this one. It is for serious games and comes with ventilating fans to keep your hands cool. Now thats some serious gaming.



Logitech G11 Gaming Keyboard

An often overlooked part of any serious gaming system is the keyboard. They can make a big difference. This one has some great features like blue back-lit keys so you can play at night in the dark and see all the keys just fine and it has 18 programmanble G keys and the ability to quickly create macros which can make farming and leveling so much easier.



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