Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is a game that will be released later this year and I will tell you a little bit about this game but I am also going to take a deeper look at the game in terms of what it takes to make a video game. I think this is a rather interesting angle to take and if you want to work in the video game industry you should gain some insight from this.


A Few Important things we can learn from Kingdoms of Amalur

  • Make your dreams a reality!
  • Progression of the company
  • Gathering a team
  • Finding a big brother or mentor to help :)


Point 1: Make your dreams a reality
First off I want to talk about making your dreams a reality. This speaks directly to the guy who is the vision behind this new series of video games that starts with Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, Curt Schilling. If you don't know who he is then let me fill you in a bit. He is a now retired major league pitcher who finished his career with the Red Sox. He has an accomplished baseball career including world series wins. This is all quite a remarkable achievement and it speaks to the topic of following your dreams and getting stuff done.

Now that he is retired what is he doing? He heads up a video game company called "38 Studios". 38 was his number in baseball. I would imagine that after retiring with baseball he thought about what he wanted to do with the next stage of his life and well it seems that he wants to make video games! Nice! I have read some things about him saying how much he loves video game, particularly role playing and online games like warcrafts. Is that not tremendously amazing?

Ok, so what is the lesson we can take from this?

Chances are good that you are not a retired millionaire baseball player with money and connections. But, that doesn't matter much. It really doesn't! The lesson there is that you follow your dreams, make it happen, and do it on a scale that you can achieve. You will be surprised how doors open up for you and people come in to help! People love people with vision, desires, goals and the willingness to go for it!

"Be Bold and Mighty Forces will come to your aid". - Goethe

So, if you have a passion for video games and have a dream then take the steps to start that ball rolling. Anything is possible. But don't just dream about it and talk about it. Do something, start working toward it. Even if that means drawing sketches and writing out plots. It's a great beginning.

Point 2: Progressing in Complexity
This is a very important point and it is very clearly shown to us with 38 studios and Kingdoms of Amalur. You have to start somewhere, almost anywhere, but start! And plan out a progression toward your goals. Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is the first project that will be coming out of 38 Studios. It is a single player RPG. And after that they plan on launching an online game that takes place in the same world (although in a different time period).

Again, you probably can't start out with millions in seed money but that doesn't matter. You can start out by getting some free game making software and making a game with 5 rooms and one Boss creature. From there you expand, more rooms, more creatures. Or maybe a full side scroller game. It is all about moving forward and taking steps toward bigger and better goals. And this is exactly what 38 Studios is doing.

Point 3: Gathering or Joining a Team
Gone are the days of a single brainiac programmer working on his computer and coming up with the next big game. Game development these days is too complex and too difficult for one person to do the whole project. But there is a real benefit in this seeming constraint. You can find other people to help on the project. This spreads the time and the work out amongst people. And it brings lots of different skill sets to the project. Curt has assembled an A list team to breathe life into this project. They include:

  • R.A. Salvatore to do the writing ( He is a NY Times bestselling author in the Forgotten Realms series and the creator of the elven character Drizzt Do'Urden).
  • Todd McFarlane for the visual work (He is the creator of Spawn and has worked on many other high profile projects including Spider Man).
  • Ken Rolston for game design work. (He was the lead designer of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind and The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion)

You can't assemble a team like this but you can assemble a team. Even if it is just with friens. At the least you can make your way onto a team.

Point 4: Finding a big brother or a mentor
This is important and it can take you much further than if you do it alone. There are lots of resources and groups out there that can help you realize your game making dreams. A good example of this is 38 studios. They have teamed up with Real big Games in the devlopment and Electronic Arts in the distribution of this game. Maybe you can't team up with these big hitters but you can find a person or people that can help!


Summary - It is interesting to watch and follow along as a start up company moves into the world of making a video game. There is a lot that can be learned from this. And you can apply it to your aspirations of game making.

This is the Trailer for the game. It was directed by Todd McFarlane




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