Dante's Inferno and the art of Making Video Games - A great idea is a great idea

The Game "Dante's Infermo" is set to be released for Playstation and Xbox on february 9, 2010 and it looks like it is going to be quite a success. It looks like a fantastic game. What this article does is take a look at the idea of the game and shed some light on the subject of coming up with ideas for video games.

"Abandon all hope you who enter here"

The idea for the game comes from the famous Dante Poem called The Divine Comedy. This work has three distinct parts where Dante travels through Heaven, Purgatory, and Hell in search of his beloved Beatrice. . It is this last part that the video game takes its inspiration. And does it get any more custom made than that? It is so very perfect for a video game. I am surprised it took this long for somebody to make a game of it. But the best thing about Dante's Inferno is the way he has it laid out. Hell is broken down into nine distinct levels and each level has a theme. The themes are Limbo, Lust, Gluttony, Avarice & Prodigality, Wrath & Sullenness, Heresy, Violence, Fraud, and Treachery. It is almost as if Dante created the first video game (in the 13th century mind you!)

The Actual Dante's InfernoThere are three important component to this idea that I want to point out.

1. First off the story/game has an overarching primary goal and that is to rescue Beatrice from the depths of hell (inferno). This is something you really need to consider if you are generating ideas for video games. What is the big picture goal of the game? It should be more than just finishing the game.

2. Second; The story/game is broken down into discernible check points of success (levels of hell). This gives a wonderful way to expand on the theme of the game, the look of the game, and the challenges of the game. It is all one game but there can be distinctly different parts to it. It can make for an exciting, challenging and interesting game. It is more than just similar stuff all the way through.

3. Third: What is the overall setting or environment of the game? In the case of this game the environment is the infermo or hell. Well, it probably doesn't get much better than that!

The idea is just perfect for a video game. First off you have a big overall goal: Rescue your love (Beatrice) from the depths of the Infermo. And secondly you have custom made levels you have to make it through and finally you have the ultimate environment: Hell! If you are generating ideas for a video game you should make sure you cover these three important areas just like Dante did and just like the developers of Dante's Inferno have done.


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