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Are you looking for an easy to use Game Design Program? You might want to give Dream Game a try.

Dream Game is a 3D applications design tool. With Dream Game you can make your own Video Games from A to Z. Based on a new Event System manager, DreamGame offers you the possibility to design your
own 3D real time applications without needed programming knowledge. You can make many video game types: RPG, TPS, FPS, Racing game, Aircraft game, shoot them up, Water game, Submarine game, and many more… There is no limit!


A note from Will: I am a big advocate of giving game making software a try. And especially if you can get a free trial version! Different software is good for different people and you have to try a few different types to see what is good for you. DreamGame has a free download so you can give it a try and see if you like it. Really can't beat that. And they tier it so if you decide to buy you can get the full version. I say give it a try - you have nothing to lose.

There are three basic components to the DreamGame Suite.

1. You have the DreamGame Editor - With DG-Editor, you manage all your resources for your application: 3D Objects, Animations, Particles System, Textures... Then export to DG-Manager...

2. The DreamGame Manager - DG-Manager offers tons of possibilities to create your own interactive applications. With the internal powerful Event system you design your video games and create many game mechanics very easily!

3. Then you use the DreamGame Engine to for real time 3d Game rendering


Want to Try it for free?

You can download and try DreamGame for free here: http://www.dream-up.eu Actually, DreamGame is used in several high schools. You could see video games made by student teams here: http://www.dream-up.eu/services

How it works:

In DreamGame, you have 2 main softwares DG-Editor and DG-Manager.
With DG-Editor, you can import your own resources, export them to DreamGame and use them to make your video game.
DG-Editor imports Collada file format for 3D objects and animations, TGA file format for
textures. With DG-Manager, you design your video game from A to Z.
DreamGame is based on a powerful Event system. Each objet (3D object, UI, Counter,
Inventory …) has the possibility to start Events. The Event quantity by object is not limited.
Many resources are already available in DreamGame (3D objects, characters, vehicle, textures, music, sounds…).
Each object that you add has several capabilities to start Events. One capability is a "Trigger".
To create your video game, you just need to link an Event on a Trigger. When the Trigger is
available, it will start its linked Event.


For example, you can add an Event to play a sound when you click on a button (UI).
To do that, you just need to select your button, click on the "Add" Event button to add an Event to you button, select the Event "Play Sound" in the Event list, and select the Trigger "Click on this GameUI" in the Trigger list. That’s all.

It’s the same thing if you want to start a special effect or play an animation on an object.
All system works like that. On the Dream-Up website, you can see several video games. All these games are made with DreamGame. You can download and try these games for free here: http://www.dream-up.eu/game
If you download DreamGame, you have a complete documentation that explains how to make a Video Game very easily. You also have all resources of the game: "Ice World". You could open the "Ice World" scenes and see how it works.
When your game is ready, you have the possibility to make the "Master" version and play your game in full screen.

Let's Take a closer look at how games are made in Dream Game

This is the editor screen. You can see the 3d model being worked on and on the right is the toolbar.


And here is another screenshot where the environment is being created and worked on.


The DreamGame Manager 0- The following two screens show you the Manager. This is where you take all of your various assets and create your game.



A game made with DreamGame


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